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W e d d i n g s / F u n c t i o n s 

The harp's exquisite unique sound can range from ethereal and light to festive and exultant, making it flexible to enhance every aspect of your event. Whether your plans are elegant, traditional or contemporary, the harp will provide an uplifting and sophisticated ambience for your guests.


Jessica has played for functions at the esteemed Athenaeum and Savage clubs as well as the Margaret Pratt Foundtion. She has also played for Melbourne tours of pop/opera artists including Idina Menzel, Andreas Bocelli, Olivia Newton John and Il Divo.


At home in many genres Jessica can find the perfect balance of classical, celtic, jazz or contemporary music for any occasion. Please see sample repertoire list bellow and do use the contact section for any special requests. 


Jessica can also organise mixed ensembles inclusive of 

Harp, voice, flute, cello and violin.

Music service for standard wedding ceremony 

(jessica can also provide music for your reception/pre dinner drinks)


Prelude music

15 - 30 minutes of light non obtrusive music prior to the ceremony while guests are arriving. 



This selection of music is played for the entrance of the bridal party followed by the bride. The music lasts until the bridal party are settled and the bride arrives next to the groom. Please see the sample repertoire list above and contact Jessica for any special requests as almost anything can be played and sounds wonderful on the harp. 



This music is played during any religeous ceremony or special ritual such as a candle lighting or sand ceremony. This requires one or two songs. Please see sample repertoire list


Signing of the register

This music is played during the signing of the register and photos are taken. Once again one or two songs are required. Please see sample repertoire list. 



The newly anounced couple will exit to this upbeat music. Generally the length of one song before the postlude music begins.


Postlude music

Music while guests are congratulating the new couple before moving on to photos and the reception. 



Sample Wedding Music 

Clair de lune - Debussy

Clair de lune cont.

Bach - Arioso



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